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TRansports24 ensures sea freight forwarding to many countries to which there is no access by road. If low transportation costs are your priority, but speed is not the determining factor, then sea freight forwarding is the right choice.

Our company offers to transport your cargo in the following types of containers:

  • standard dry containers;
  • high cube dry containers;
  • open top containers;
  • flat rack containers;
  • refrigerated containers.

We offer to carry the following cargoes by sea transport:

  • full load containers (FLC);
  • less than container loads (LCL);
  • transit cargoes;
  • animals;
  • dangerous goods (ADR);
  • bulk cargoes;
  • liquid cargoes;
  • other types of cargoes, transportation of which does not demand containers.

Employees of TRansports24 will advise you on the best solution for transportation of your cargo; they will also deal with all of the formalities:

  • presentation of the dossier;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs clearance;
  • cargo transportation to the harbour;
  • transportation time and containers’ reservation
  • door-to-door delivery;
  • cargo monitoring during the process of transportation;
  • warehousing services.

By taking the highest degree of responsibility on the entrusted, TRansports24 will provide you with an ongoing support and advice during the transportation of the cargo; we will also inform you about the time and place of shipping.



We made cargo transportation even to such exotic countries like India, Panama, New Zealand and Madagascar!


So much trucks are carried each month with our provided transportation services

2.3 MLN

This is how much we transported for this year 2016.


Our Managing Team has more then 10 years experience in Cargo and Logistics area.


More then 3500 loyal clients trust us their everyday Logistics all around the World.

300 000

for your safety in cooperation with IF P&C Insurance AS Latvia we insured our Cargo Insurance Services