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Schedule oversized (bulky and heavy) cargo transportation in a timely manner!

Even though TRansports24 owns all types of vehicles that are meant for transportation of oversized cargoes, there are some significant factors that must be taken into consideration.

Our experts will prepare and hand in the needed applications to all of the relevant institutions; they will also carry out negotiations and other operations in order to receive licences that are needed for the transportation of your cargo so that it can reach its destination.

The following types of cargoes are considered to be bulky and heavy:

  • divisible bulky and heavy cargo of dolomite stone and cement;
  • divisible bulky and heavy cargo of timber and agricultural production;
  • bulky vehicles.

Oversized (bulky and heavy) cargoes can be carried only using roads on which such movement is allowed. It means that it is necessary to develop a precise and detailed route. All of the route nuances are agreed upon together with the customer, including the time consumption and taking into account the specifics of the cargo.

Contact TRansports24 and we will offer the best solution for transportation of your bulky and heavy cargo.



We made cargo transportation even to such exotic countries like India, Panama, New Zealand and Madagascar!


So much trucks are carried each month with our provided transportation services

2.3 MLN

This is how much we transported for this year 2016.


Our Managing Team has more then 10 years experience in Cargo and Logistics area.


More then 3500 loyal clients trust us their everyday Logistics all around the World.

300 000

for your safety in cooperation with IF P&C Insurance AS Latvia we insured our Cargo Insurance Services