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Air freight forwarding is the right choice if the main priority of cargo delivery to its destination is speed.

Although air freight forwarding is more expensive than road freight or rail freight transport, it is fast, of a high-quality and safe. Saving your time, TRansports24 will prepare all of the international freight documents and settle customs formalities.

Advantages of air freight forwarding:

  • cargo is supervised during the entire carriage process (cargo monitoring);
  • cargo is delivered to the guarded customs warehouses under the supervision of certified personnel;
  • employees of airports and warehouses have been trained to operate air cargoes that require special care and responsibility;
  • all types of air cargoes are insured.

Thanks to the all around the world development of airport and air transport, we provide air freight forwarding to almost any country, including Baltic States, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. International airport „Riga” cooperates with such airlines as „AirBaltic”, „Aeroflot”, „British Airways”, „Lufthansa”, „Finnai”, „LOT”, „Czech Airlines” and others. There is also an option of organizing charter flights.

By using air freight forwarding it is possible to carry:

  • cargoes that have a short sell-by date;
  • cargoes with temperature-controlled environment;
  • dangerous (ADR) cargoes;
  • animals
  • medical supplies;
  • diplomatic cargoes;
  • Project or non-standard cargoes.

Speed, safety, accuracy and door-to-door delivery – your motivation for choosing air freight forwarding with TRansports24.



We made cargo transportation even to such exotic countries like India, Panama, New Zealand and Madagascar!


So much trucks are carried each month with our provided transportation services

2.3 MLN

This is how much we transported for this year 2016.


Our Managing Team has more then 10 years experience in Cargo and Logistics area.


More then 3500 loyal clients trust us their everyday Logistics all around the World.

300 000

for your safety in cooperation with IF P&C Insurance AS Latvia we insured our Cargo Insurance Services